How will you answer?

How will you answer?


Omnia – I don’t speak Human

Omnia: “If the EARTH and the ANIMALS could talk to the HUMAN MONKEYS, this is what they would have to say…”

This video production is 100% non-commercial, 100% non-profit… it was created as a Musick/Artistic and Environmental statement.
We’re not trying to SELL you something, we’re just trying to TELL you something…
Listen to it, enjoy it and SHARE this musical message from Mother Earth and her children with as many human-monkeys as possible!

Written, performed, directed and produced by OMNIA: the independent band of earth-warriors who created the “PaganFolk” genre: pure acoustic musick that gives a voice to Nature!
Filmed on location in the forest where writer/performers SteveSic and Jenny live.

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music and lyrics: SteveSic and Jenny Evans van der Harten
camera and editing: Erwin van Dijck
all music & publishing rights ©PaganScum Records 2013