Small acts can transform the World!

Small acts can transform the World!

You can do a lot of things:

– avoid plastic (it creates toxic pollution at every stage of its existence: manufacture, use, and disposal; plastic is a material that the Earth cannot digest; particles are ingested by wildlife on land and in the ocean, contaminating the food chain)
– reduce, reuse and recycle
– use solar power and wind energy
– buy cruelty-free cosmetics
– shop local and seasonal
– shop fair trade (coffee, cocoa, tea, exotic fruits, cotton clothes, …)
– eat no meat (animals are feeling, sensitive and intelligent beings, they feel fear and pain, just like you!)
– eat no eggs (male chicks will be killed alive after they are born!)
– drink no milk (they separate the calf from his mother, so we can have the milk and the baby will be slaughtered!)
– support organic farming, biodynamic agriculture and permaculture (they are all natural types of agricultures that seek to maintain a balance in the ecosystem)
– don’t wear fur
– don’t go to the zoo or to the circus (wild animals belong to the wild, they miss their family, they are treated very bad and must do ridiculous tricks)
– treat others in such a way as you would like to be treated
– live in peace and harmony with nature and her children
– support environmental, people and animal protection

Remember: You vote with your money. What you buy is what you encourage!


You vote with your money

You vote with your money

Remember: You vote with your Money. What you buy is what you encourage! By choosing to spend money on ethical products, services, companies, manufacturers, organization, and vendors, you can powerfully determine what kind of world we live in.