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Are YOU an Earth Warrior?

Are YOU an Earth Warrior?

What is an Earth Warrior?

To understand what an Earth Warrior is, one must redefine the word warrior. When most people think of a warrior they envision war, fighting, battle, confrontation, anger, hostility, & aggression.
Although an Earth Warrior does possess a certain quality of aggressiveness their mentality & purpose is aligned with the greater good. An Earth Warrior exudes characteristics of compassion, resilience, consciousness, peacefulness, & honor.

To become an Earth Warrior, one must learn to re-skill themselves. An Earth Warriors consciously shifts their daily practices & choices to be aligned with the greater good. An Earth Warrior realizes this shift is a challenge & humbly accepts knowing it is of great purpose.
Everyday, an Earth Warrior is dedicated to training oneself to become a liberator of the planet. Every moment of every day represents an opportunity, represents a choice. The choice you make this very moment could be the beginning of a whole new you. Do NOT wait for tomorrow, there is no better time. The time is now! Emancipate yourself! The world is waiting.

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Mother Earth has many names throughout the world – GAIA (Greek) – ANU (Celtic) – PACHAMAMA (Inca) – KI (Sumerian/Mesopotamian) – JÖRD (Norse) – TERRA (Roman) – TUUWAQATSI (Hopi) – MAT ZEMLYA (Slavic) – PRITHVI (Hindu) – and many more!